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San Bernardino County Professional Firefighters Local 935 endorse Juan Figueroa for City Council

State Assemblymember James Ramos Endorses San Bernardino 3rd Ward Councilman Juan Figueroa

“Councilman Figueroa has earned my support with his dedicated service to the people of San Bernardino. I especially appreciate Juan’s leadership in working with me to address the issue of mental health and its impact on homelessness.”

The San Bernardino Police Officers Association is endorsing Juan Figueroa for re-election to the San Bernardino City Council in Ward 3.

“Councilman Juan Figueroa has demonstrated his leadership and commitment to the safety of San Bernardino’s residents since joining the City Council last year,” said Brian Lewis, President of the San Bernardino Police Officers Association.

“Juan deserves election to a full term. We look forward to working with him to improving the safety and quality of life for his constituents and all of the residents of San Bernardino,” said Lewis.

“I am very appreciative of the great job that our Police Officers do for the residents of San Bernardino,” stated Juan Figueroa. “Earning their endorsement means a lot to me personally and to my re-election campaign.”

“During my first eight months as a City Councilmember, I’ve worked closely with our Police Department to support innovative law enforcement and to bring our city’s first police substation to the 3rd Ward,” continued Figueroa. “We are moving forward to create a safer and more prosperous future for San Bernardino.”

A lifelong San Bernardino resident, Cal State San Bernardino graduate and former Neighborhood Association President, Juan Figueroa was elected to the city council with 68% of the popular vote in a May 2019 special election.

Endorsed by:

San Bernardino County Professional Firefighters Local 935
San Bernardino Police Officers Association

  • Nellie Aleman
  • Brenda Bell
    3rd Ward Parks Commissioner*
  • Jodi Buckley
    3rd Ward Commissioner*
  • Mary Jo Calderon
  • Christopher Crosson
    Former 3rd Ward Commissioner*
  • Shannen Crosson
    3rd Ward Neighborhood Leader
  • Joe & Stella Espindola
  • Daisy Espinoza
  • Lindy Gonzales
  • Fred Grochulski
  • Sandra Kurkoske
    Lely Lim , 3rd Ward Commissioner
  • Illeana Massengill
  • Inez Lucero, Owner
    Casa de Flores flower shop
  • John & Deb Matley
    HoHo Parade Organizers*
  • Margaret Montaño
  • David Rojas
    3rd Ward Commissioner
  • James Ramos
    State Assemblymember
  • Bessine Richard
    San Bernardino Mayor Pro Tem
  • Elizabeth Sanchez
    3rd Ward Planning Commissioner*
  • Laura Sanchez
  • Theodore Sanchez
    San Bernardino City Councilman*
  • Teodoro & Yoland Sanchez
  • Gary Walbourne
    Small Business Owner
  • John Walters
    3rd Ward Safety Commissioner*

Partial list
*Titles for Identification Purposes Only